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Good execution is about getting to believable conclusions, no matter success or failure, in the shortest amount of time possible.

The PM job:

  • align & empower product teams
  • get decisions made
  • minimize the gap between those decisions & insights


Bad execution is when you try something that fails without learning, or it simply takes much longer than was needed.

It starts with communication – you need to make sure that everyone knows what they need to do, and why. Then you need to make sure that they do it.

Along the way are obstacles. The product is never as perfect as you'd like. But you need to ship.

Excerpt from 💻
A Product Manager’s Job

Nothing matters more than actually delivering products to your users. You can be great at helping your team build cool things, figuring out the right products, or embodying the vision, but it only matters if you can ultimately help the team get to a point where you can ship it.

Great product managers understand the very tricky balance between getting it right and getting it out the door.

Teams should always be testing, trying out the products, and listening to early feedback, but at some point in every project, the team has to make a call that the product is ready enough (and it’s never truly ready, of course).

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And you need to deliver a whole product.

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