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embrace constraints to uniquely solve a problem

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Creating something new is easy, but creating something new AND valuable is not.

Great product managers work to find creative solutions to very difficult problems
–Marty Cagan

It takes both a mindset and process produce creative work.

The Mindset – Can you beat resistance and make creation a daily activity?
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The Process – Do you know where to start, and how to put everything together?
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A product manager is usually constrained by limited resources, and needs to find the lowest investment approach to test if they're on the right track. But constraints can be good. They can focus creativity in a way that generates valuable, usable, and practical ideas. Reducing the scope of a problem or task actually frees us to think deeply about it.

Often this involves the ability to connect two seemingly unrelated ideas to solve a problem.

The Mindset

Excerpt from 📖
Continuous Discovery Habits

Many of us have self-limiting beliefs around creativity. We believe because we can’t draw, paint, or play a musical instrument, we must not be creative. I’m here to tell you, you are.

Creativity is a universal human trait. And as a product-team member, there is no one better than you to generate creative solutions to your customers’ problems.

If it’s been a while since you’ve generated ideas, it might be slow to start. That’s normal. Push through the discomfort and keep thinking.

Competency will make you a living. Creativity will make you rich.


The Process

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